Logan Gillen is among an elite class of individuals. If there were ever someone to find his or her purpose in life and actually serve it, Logan would be that person. As one could imagine, this was not an easy feat. Through all the ups and downs in her life, three things remained constant; her love for God, her family, and music. She has devoted her entire life to serving God and continues to inspire others through her music.

Logan was born and has spent her entire life in Bristol, Virginia. She grew up in a strong Christian family and her parents, George and Tammy Gillen, raised Logan in church.  Even though Logan was very young, she knew which direction she wanted to go in her life and was saved and baptized at the age of five.

Logan first sang publicly in front of her church, Kingsway Baptist, at age five and started piano lessons around the same time. At twelve, she began playing the piano for church services. Logan and others around her realized that she had been given a special talent and she decided to pursue it as much as possible in the following years.  “Music has always been a huge part of my life,” said Logan. “I’ve played piano for as long as I can remember, and it’s been a crucial outlet for me.  I’ve always found great pleasure in playing for myself and others, and it’s something I hope will be a part of me for the rest of my life.” 

At the age of 15, Logan got her first job as a church pianist. She also started to accompany her high school choir and played for them through her senior year. In high school, she made all district and all county chorus, and participated in a variety of activities.  She was a cheerleader, softball player, newspaper editor, salutatorian, and Student Council president.  She was also given the honors of Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen by her classmates her senior year. 

While completing a bachelor's degree in music from King College she became inspired to write music. She wrote her first song in 2007, followed by several others which led to the recording of her first CD in 2009 titled “Okay”.  Accompanying the jazz/gospel choir at King for four years led to her interest in the blues, which shows up throughout her music in a variety of ways. 

Logan is currently finishing her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, which has inspired her current CD “Beautifully Me”.  Logan said, “I feel it’s important for people to understand beauty isn’t characterized by one particular standard, especially a standard set up by man.  Everyone and everything created by God is beautiful, but it’s difficult for people to truly believe that.  I don’t want people to go through life disliking who God has made them to be in order to live up to ideals set by our culture.”

In her free time, Logan loves reading, writing, and taking trips to the beach.  Logan has been teaching piano lessons for five years, and is currently the worship leader at her church.